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Recently, I saw a TikTok in which someone described patiently waiting behind a woman at a cafe who was adding cream and sugar to her coffee at the drink station. The moment she sensed him standing there, she apologized and frantically scrambled to move out of his way. Why, he wondered in the video. She was using the coffee shop’s amenities as intended. She was doing what she needed to do, efficiently, not bothering him in the least. And yet. How many times have I waited my turn for the ATM outside the bank, looking at the geese walking around…

I am breaking up with my phone.

Last weekend, driving back from a trip to the beach with my book club, I listened to a bonus episode of The Stacks podcast all about Catherine Price’s book How to Break Up With Your Phone (2018). I cannot overstate just how immediately intrigued I was. My feelings about my phone have been a subject of personal reflection for quite some time now, and I’ve long known somewhere deep in my bones that I needed a reset like this.


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