Em Dash Diaries, Vol. 1

We’re driving out of Richmond toward the tiny house in the woods where we’re staying for a few days to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The song playing in the car says “be here right now, be here right now.” So I’m here, right now, in the passenger seat, gazing out the window, as strip malls and parking lots and skinny urban sidewalk trees speed past.

I am all of those things. I am also afraid.

I’m constantly narrating in my head; I can’t turn it off. What I’m not doing is writing those words and ideas down. So I say I’m not a writer. But what is a writer if not an observer, a thinker, a composer, a documenter? I am all of those things.

You do not have to be right

Hi, internet! Today I logged into WordPress for the first time in about a year because I want to start writing more regularly and publicly, no seriously, for real this time, I’m not kidding— and I found the following post in my drafts. It’s finished! And pretty okay, I think? But I never posted it. Because I am truly the walking embodiment of what the post is all about. So here it is, a year later. I’m not changing anything about it, but just know that I’m now coming up on my thirty-sixth birthday, and I still need this message.…

2020 Favorites: Backlist

We’re halfway through January, but I’m still over here recapping last year’s reading and I’m not sorry about it. A couple weeks ago I shared my favorite new releases that I read in 2020, and today I’m sharing my favorite backlist picks! The majority of my reading in 2020, about 77% of it, was made up of books published before 2020, so shuffling through those titles to pick out my top twelve favorites was a true struggle. I read so many good books. *insert sobbing emoji here* But shuffle through and narrow down I did, accompanied by much wailing and…


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