Haiku round-up: Week of January 22

As much as I intended to publish these weekly haiku round-ups in real time, I’m kind of enjoying reviewing and sharing them on a delay. It’s like digging up a series of little time capsules. This week, I’m remembering tidying up my clothing with the Marie Kondo method, going on winter greenway runs, rewatching Schitt’s Creek, belly laughing with some of my best friends, and finishing a jigsaw puzzle:

January 22

Empty the closet
Pick up each piece, one by one
Does it bring you joy?

January 23

Four miles of smooth path
Cold air a knife in my lungs
Legs pumping, alive

January 24

It’s Mama Weasley
with “not my daughter, you bitch”
that always gets me

January 25

So nice to return,
after a day spent away,
to the warmth of you

January 26

“You’re simply the best”
Patrick sings, strums his guitar
No one is crying

January 27

You say there’s a laugh
I use for my hoodrat shit
I grin, feeling known

January 28

Together we press it down
The last puzzle piece

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