Haiku round-up: Week of January 15

Flashback to the third week of the year with me as I continue sharing my daily haikus on a very, uh, extended schedule. Another seven poems, in praise of street noodles, slow growth, hot coffee on cold days, ritual bath time, and gorgeous sunsets:

January 15

I’m happiest when
I have a plate of noodles
and chopsticks in hand

January 16

Maybe I needed
just a quick half-decade to
sort all my shit out

January 17

It’s been a long time
since you’ve shown a real interest
Are you proud of me?

January 18

Spiced almonds, seltzer
Scents of vanilla and mint
Reading in the bath

January 19

Fading flare of light
A pink benediction, then
Clouds like fresh bruises

January 20

Everyone is sick
Coughs, sneezes, and canceled plans
Can we please just live

January 21

Basking in the sun,
Warmed against brisk winter air
I sip coffee, smile

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