Haiku round-up: Week of January 8

Despite my best intentions to share my daily haikus regularly, I immediately fell off and am just now getting around to posting the second week of the year. Oops. Enjoy!

January 8

All day, together
We finish building our zoos
Ark Nova success

January 9

Ping-ponging between
Dread, disgust, and real laughter
A horror satire

January 10

Don’t compare yourself
to the cooler, younger ones
You have what you need

January 11

Tally up your time
How much drains and exhausts you?
Make a plan for rest

January 12

Brain churning, pulse quick
Relax, tense, relax again
How to slow my heart?

January 13

It’s loud, we’re bundled
Men skating, slamming, fighting
Minor league hockey

January 14

I have heard it said:
Friends who shop with you for books
Those are the keepers

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