Haiku round-up: Week of January 1

This year, I set just two specific and measurable daily goals for myself: to walk 10,000 steps and to write a haiku.

I’ve been keeping the poems in a note on my phone, but I think I’d like to share them in weekly batches here on my blog. It only makes sense to accompany each of these posts with a photo from a recent walk, since I’ve been taking a lot of those to reach said step goal.

So without further ado, here’s the first week of my year in haikus:

January 1

Arbitrary, yes,
but energizing, hopeful—
first day of the year

January 2

Tomorrow, to work
after ten whole days away
I’m still not ready

January 3

Pink clouds, rising sun
My timid hope warms and grows
I think we’re still friends

January 4

Our day off, you’re sick
so we rest and take it slow,
living on the couch

January 5

“Are you listening?”
Jimmy hums in my chest and
I shout-sing along

January 6

Kittens taking baths
Carefully lick every part
End up rumpled, damp

January 7

Perfect starchy food,
made eight different ways and shared
Potato party!

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